Through the Panama Canal by Cruise Liner Ship

panama canal

He rose clear and warm blue of the Gulf of Panama. The ocean is a silky shine. The Infinite, who had assumed 964.6 meters from bow to stern and rising eleven decks above the sea, and his native driver in 0645, and now his way of opportunities over the eight channel lush mile stretch with no experience, but shrinking banks closer to his helmet moves. Some forty boats anchored in the expected entry safety distance, but infinity is alien to them, continued his strategy. This method had in the Panama Canal, which could facilitate their lower continental Pacific to the Atlantic. Insert a short distance is stretched almost 500 original years.

To reach the Pacific Already in 1517, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, primary Europeans, a pan-center line that would connect the two oceans had provided, and 17 years later Charles I of Spain had actually suggested especially in water. For 300 years, the Government of Spain in the world, a journey of wild land, I prepare mule facilitate transport gold from one coast to the contrary, they had hacked out of the jungle in Panama.

Continue on the feasibility of an artery to concentrate the water even if the way to introduce Throughout the 1800s, every US and the UK, had then crossed Nicaragua and Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, was guaranteed neutrality, specific place, regardless conditioning ,

In 1846, Colombia, then maintain a Panama signed a contract with the United States, the neutrality of a possible channel and protect the possession of any other nation, to the passage without a doubt essential and regulate profitable.

This meaning is, and the seeds of a “channel rail”, in 1849, showed as the influx of prospectors to California in the Isthmus of Panama, by the Japanese side of the United States by crossed sailed mule or on foot, and West Coast next to the sea. Reaches the application that led to the development of the trans-Panama encourages railways for the primary time bound Colon on the east coast, with Panama Metropolis, western aspect, if the challenge € 8,000,000, carried out by businessmen from New York, were in 1855 ,

Severe primary and attempt to build a water passage through Panama, however, found 23 years later, in 1878, when a French company had passed through the Suez Canal Director Ferdinand De Lesseps, the rights obtained Lucien Bonaparte Wyse it unique, the Panama had acquired. He also bought the management of the Panama Railroad $ 20 million.

Precise excavation of a channel to the sea level between the Atlantic and Pacific, begun in 1882, and hundreds of French engineers and construction workers in the business. However, the circumstances were different, she found in the Suez Canal Adventure comparable to the impenetrable forests, flood, unbearable to high temperatures, humidity, price increases, controversy, corruption, preparation funds are insufficient, the use of raw materials and software and malaria – and deaths from yellow fever , After 24 years of efforts and the discovery of 76 million cubic meters of business now bankrupt, had managed to dig a canal in size from less than 10 miles.

A further investigation and evaluation in 1886 conducted showed that levels of constant channel has not been possible and should only be done effectively with a password and lock system, vessels are required to step input is higher or lower water contents rooms next before crusing for year.

Reorder, because of the Panama Canal Signs New in 1894, the French, a little more’ve done in the hope as an alternative to the development of a secondary purchaser to generate sales of their franchise.

This year, the business people in the United States had tried to share their own channel across the isthmus, in this case of Nicaragua; However, after a quick exhaustion of state funds that had little of their own.

Emergency, quickly. Through the Spanish-American War of 1898, the battleship “Oregon” necessary to strengthen the Atlantic Fleet, had been put under pressure to the South American continent through the use of Cape Horn, a distance of go thirteen, 000-mile warning Congress of the truth that a channel on the way between San Francisco and Cuba four 600 miles, was very important for national protection.

The next year, hitting a rate of potential respondents tans-isthmus routes and in Nicaragua due to the decrease in the amount of excavation required continued. The partially complete route through Panama, however, confirmed the favorable selection king, after the French had provided, and the rights of the canal, property, rail, 40 million dollars.

To accept only given in 1902, President Roosevelt, giving authorization, stipulate that Colombia’s continued use of the Panama Canal Zone as a condition of acceptance. These issues of land ownership and entry had been at the heart of the recovery mission. Colombia, which previously america rights to these a channel build refused, had been eliminated at the end as an obstacle when the revolution of Roosevelt led the independence of Panama was a success, the elimination of the Colombian jurisdiction. Formally recognize the new Republic of Panama, Washington negotiated a contract with him, with which he accumulate the management of a range of ten kilometers of land for which a request for $ 10 million and $ 250,000 annually thereafter.

The Hay-Paunceforte, Clayton-Bulwer change the treated earlier the United States was the only suitable for the construction and operation of a canal in Central America.

America took over the management of the channel from France initiated, but not thought no plan for advice on how to go with him, and was immediately with the same topographical, engineering and social barriers that permeated French workers suffered. In contrast to the French, but people who had used a scientific method was the mosquitoes, the malaria eradication in wetlands and bush, managed and replaced the degree of smooth transition with Block Settings and rhythm lead to eradicate. The latter, to avoid the need for engineering options in the provisional system, only grade was cheaper and less time to build.

Colonel George W. Goethals, appointed by Roosevelt, grew up venture supervisor to be, and he divided the work into three areas:

1. Reduce search Gaillard.
2. Bridge Chagres River with a dam to create the Gatun Locks.
three. Riding certain locks.

The Chagres River, in particular, was seen as an insurmountable obstacle: swamps Floor limited so often flooded, destroying every little thing in their path. Its resolution and the importance of the whole challenge was the river four miles from the entrance to connect the Caribbean, as a way to a storage bin may occur the desired result of water blockade create. Excess moisture in the area and the surrounding rain forest further facilitate the resolution by the production of rain, which then could replenish at regular intervals the deposit.

The increased use of forty-three, 000 US, British West Indies, Spain and Italy, and unearthing some 211 million cubic meters of earth, rocks and plants, the company won restarted Panama Canal on the ground, with excavators and bulldozers against dirt, swamp, jungle, and Bush to remove amid torrential rain, moisture saturation, and the conditions of the oppressive heat.

Gatun Lake, 23 miles long and 163 square meters. Kilometers in the room was lined with nearly half of the channel, making it one of the largest water to many people of our body of the man, while her mother, who had created was 1 counted five miles long and rose eighty-five feet above the stage the sea.

Like the Chagres, Gaillard decrease was also shown to be a problem. Large range of nine kilometers, by the steady rock in the Cordillera Central, the more than 60 steam shovels dirt hundred trains together, 75 miles before reaching the landfill observe required. Landslides in 1907 had construction of new risks for the three months deposited in minimizing half a million cubic meters of new land.

Upon reaching this part of the canal, with a width of 300 meters and a depth of twelve meters Price $ 90 million only.
The Panama Canal, the 50.seventy two miles from Limon Bay extends across the Atlantic to the Bay of Panama in the Pacific, was made in 1914 worth $ 387 million, which excluded the right and to $ 300 million spent by the French. Some 25,000 were killed during their development.

The entire reason Transit had previously taken place in the year, on January 7, when the floating crane, “Alexander Valley” had exercised the passage of water, spent eight months later by the primary official passage, August 15 passenger and cargo vapor “SS Ancon” which was from one end of the counter sailed. The date marks the anniversary of a decade since America had assumed the leadership of the French challenge.
Officially opened six years later, July 12, 1920 that President Woodrow Wilson, the Panama Canal had dragged its purpose as “The land divided, the world united.”

A number of improvements were made during his nearly one hundred historic past 12 months. In 1935, for example, 22 sq mile Madden Lake, identify the results of the dam of the same, on the Chagres River and east of the channel and retail water Gatun Lake had made. Miraflores Swing Bridge completed seven years later, the network 20, 1942, the main vehicle traffic along the canal had provided, and 1954-1970 Baja Gaillard had since its only 300 yards to 500. It is a gift extends intermittently in fluorescent lamps, power 12 set In 1963, 24-hour operation, if the main channel allowed. Achieves optimal depth channel for a new excavator 1974 the ship increased project than 39.5 meters.

Possession, after the only colony had changed. Territorial jurisdiction of the Panama Canal Zone was transferred to Panama in 1979, and 20 years later, 31 December 1999, which took over from the United States on the implementation of the operation of the Panama Canal ..

On 22 October 2006, the approval of a third set of locks has to build, was granted a doubling of capacity.

Transit fees vary depending depending on the weight and priority. The lowest value was 36 cents of Richard Halliburton in 1928, when he collected the channel size of a ten-day period paid sponge, while the highest was the $ 313,000 paid by a ship in 2007.

The Panama Canal remains one of the triumphs of technology many parts of the world, reduce with an annual average of 12,000 ships transiting the Central American isthmus between the Atlantic and the Pacific through three locks units two channels, Gatun Lake, Gaillard, ninety-five meters phase change of water-saving 7,800 miles otherwise required by the continental circumnavigation. The annual capacity of 27,000 transits.


In 0832, ninety-one, slipped 000 tonnes of infinity Erector facing america bridge to the east and west banks of the Panama Canal and the varieties of a part of the Pan-American Highway connects. The basis of the previous Marina, with its three pillars and a boat matching gray ships, the port looks away.

In 0847, the relatively small tug “alliance,” the false-performance cruising approached by white behind personal, and threw the pilot channel to the two great monoliths Panama Metropolis.

Start the movement, now at the pace of a snail, the ship handed over a backhoe space that the first tier of the challenge expansion of the channel.

Tap in the direction of the channel ever closer, the banks had sealed by a group of inexperienced hills, has infinity of the “Maersk Dortmund,” a container ship in Valletta registered lost, which had been formed only in the two left-hand slipped Miraflores Locks opportunities. “The pyramid-shaped Centennial Bridge rose in the distance.

The change in the original wooden Palm swimming rhythm financial institution, heavy liner penetrated the lock with its bulbous bow, pushed by tugs Panama Canal perfectly pressed back. 5th century locomotives Electrical equipment in racks instead of block scores resembled an army waiting, ready to take the ship traffic classes, and pulled the arm reach of the lid. 2

The main line when strong umbilicaled 0927th locomotives, which centered and led forged the giant slid into his water cocoon under your personal energy and doors slowly closed behind him. In 1000, the long fingers, toes hundred and ten feet wide, and forty feet deep, castles, the largest ever built, the buildings are secured by riveted steel doors measuring 47-80 and two fingers of excessive foot-five feet wide and 7 feet thick , Due to high tides of the Pacific Ocean, the western gates in the Miraflores Locks exceed 745 tons, but paradoxically engines requires forty horses, castle in the walls installed in order to work. A second lock gate, positioned 50 meters from the main travel ensures stopped.

Amid a deluge of water, the main lock, harnessing the power of gravity and fed by Miraflores Lake, gradually flooded, causing the ship to a large transfer elevator up.

With the water level of primary, lower house of the second, higher, 2 huge swung lock doors is now equal to regularly opened in 0950.

Appendaged like a spider to a local network, the ship ninety-one, 000 tons have increased under the autonomous power, but at a painful pace, compared to gray locomotives thick tendrils, black, their tracks within reach arm and buckle, the beginning of the adjust the next room.

When the ship is safely in your pocket, closed the doors behind its stern in 1006. A tanker, the “Asphalt Star”, as expected in the left lane. Water cascading into the chamber through the sewers of 18 meters in diameter for a fee of 3,000,000 gallons per minute, once again flooded the lock on a total of 9 minute field of the ship, raising water from a fifty-four feet toes increasingly Pacific had occurred.

After the doors of the office, which until now had met in a V-configuration, the Infinity Open to sound its explosion, resumed motion to 1051 in the concrete, rectangular chamber, moving and equal in degrees, Miraflores Lake, the smallest of the three in the Panama Canal system.

The “Asphalt Star” was occasionally slipped into the first of the two chambers of the left lane.

Leaving the passage as if the ship had taken a fluid set of railroad infinity effectively negotiates the main set of three potential locks, so that a series of “steps” of water.

Crossing one and a half miles from the lake, the boat once more the accuracy of the two channels that the Pedro Miguel Locks, narrow paths, some decisions relating locomotive traction in any other case aside untethered Boating registered camera-Panamax, the forward movement of the big closing doors in 1139 leaving.

The views from the large, round eyes beef in my cabin on the land bridge 2 was like a tunnel or prepare coal mines, black granite wall of the largest compartment cover, allowing you to enter a single axis sun is low and filter through the window. How to Transfer a slow lift the ship ahead of three 000-special with its shaft, without any power or generator power with the exception of large water storage dam and mounting under its keel. Gentle slope could be measured by increased soft skin.

In 1144 the bottom of the window was parallel to the railway concrete rest had run on jagged locomotives, although the increase was followed by 6 minutes to infinitely greater than 31 fingers Miraflores Lake eighty feet top five toes of the foot on the Pacific Ocean.

After the massive doors of a house of Pedro Miguel Locks, the third facilitate transport ship had opened while it was the Panama Canal entered, he pushed his water cocoon at 1152 with azipods.

As the boat on the island of concrete and two tracks is moved embedded in it, quickly stood as a practice, retiring from the station, one of the many Zahnradlokomotiven past in the wrong direction with the intention of Usher rear tank the block. Delete the island in 1205, Infinity, cooked by ninety degrees temperatures, made her way into the turquoise water, sandwiched between inexperienced dense banks.

Enter the 9km long, 500 meters wide Reduce Gaillard, which was originally called “Reducing Culebra” Infinity sailed between entrepreneurs Hill in the west and Gold Hill in the east. The Centennial Bridge, opened in 2004, amounted to $ 104 million and the second to expand the canal, 264 meters rose above the water and the watershed of the head, to 1216 Rust-violet, Mark Brown tan and charcoal BlackRock as soon as it comes through primitive strategies appearance of the port in the cut one way or another, emphasizing the obstacles that provides this space with the excavation of the channel is available. Gamboa soon moved on starboard side.

In the afternoon, billowing white and gray Cumulus had risen in the sky. After emerald inexperienced channel buoy fed, Infinity tightening its way through the Panamanian rain forest at a speed of ten knots vapors under the scorching sun, in the 163-square-mile Gatun Lake, which, prior to excavation, was the first mountain , Was northwest sailed Because of the shape of the “s” Panama, the ship on a course in the Caribbean.

Reduce the pressure on with the pace of a snail, the boat again intervened in the primary three cameras Gatun Lock in 1541 as a way to start your eighty-five feet lowering the water level of the Caribbean Sea. For many electric locomotives related Cablevisión, burned and aligned in the room before the metal door closed behind him, so that water will be discharged from the 18-foot-diameter culverts to see through the platform 2 portholes were like a concrete wall tunnel it looks, when the cruise was it ten minutes later.

The massive doors lock, slowly opening inward until they are parallel to and was an integral part of the partitions on the camera, giant maneuver forward to the second bedroom in 1555 before the procedure was repeated.

Are safely contained in the third chamber to 1631, the ship unleashing a torrential floods fell in hydropower generated last gravity during the passage through the lock gates of the Panama Canal opened in the Caribbean to used 26 million gallons for the descent into three phases.

Home movement under autonomous power in 1656, the ship leaves the lock.

Once they had crossed the center island, it had pursued are a deviation in an altercation with six nodes after the seven-mile channel and passing the shipyards, docks and port of Cristobal power plants, 010 degrees in Japanese bank. How to make your own drivers in the “Heron” experimental ship in Limon Bay, threshold to the Caribbean Sea, exiting the breakwaters at 1753 and now maintaining a lively sixteen nodes.

The Panama Canal on the way to the east and the Pacific have the Atlantic along an eight-hour interval, infinitely connected, without doubt, one of the forty-four vessels reached so that day, had more than two weeks left comparable circumnavigation around the tip of South America shaved.

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