Facts About Tourism in Panama

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As people see the world in search of travel sites, more people have fun with tourism in Panama than ever before. The nation is an easy drive, especially for people in the United States and Canada, and has an incredible amount to offer, even the most experienced traveler. Tourism Panama you can take the sea, jungle and even earlier in the mountains. Known for its long-standing relationship with the United States, many questions to individuals Panama, but the great thing about tourism in Panama that no matter where you go, yow will discover a something new and interesting.

Panamanian authorities

Authorities: elected democracy
Current state: President Ricardo Martinelli
Forex: Dollar (called Balboa) No role Forex been nationally published, however, the currency of the same size and confessions that the US Treasury is.
Gross sales: VAT is 5% (10% for imports)
Panama Geography

Space: seventy five, 990 square kilometers.
360,000 inhabitants three of 2009.
Capital: Panama Metropolis
The infrastructure of Panama

All times are GMT-5
Telegram: main stations accessible jobs available cities.
Output: La Prensa, El Siglo and El Panama America are among the many major newspapers.

Email: Email to North America will take a few weeks. Remove the working hours are Monday to Friday from eight: 00 – Four: 24:00, Sam eight: 12:00 to 1:00 pm .. For certain companies FedEx and DHL can in most areas. Transport distribution companies can be found approximately in places like Miami, FL. $ 25 for 30 days. These providers have a deal frequently and e-mail below mainly at the expense of weight.
Police: If you are the victim of a crime, report it immediately to the local police, especially if you take explain insurance coverage. The tourists and police cars, police ready to take care of foreigners and also more likely to communicate in English. Normally white armbands and bicycles has experience.
Electricity: one hundred twenty volts AC, 60 Hz
The emergency numbers 104 officers, 103 firefighters, police veraneantes 269 8011), 911 medical emergencies only!
Panama demography

Language: Spanish (official), English 14%, and is the second official language
Fe eighty-five% Catholic, 15% Protestant
Panama communication

Mobile: Roaming agreements exist, but most people buy their minutes on a prepaid card
Fax: It is in most workplaces and public protection,
List Help: Dial 102
Nationwide calling code: 507
Telephone: IDD is there. Worldwide calling cards are widely used. Many web cafes and VoIP calls as well.
More Info

Nap time: Not a nap or lunch in the metropolis. In some inland is sensitive and the measure remains.
Web: cafes are widely available and cheap. (Often less than $ 1 per hour) Some places catering and sellers have now occasionally hissing point Wi-Fi.
Pets: Ask your veterinarian to make a good create in the natural world, in order to certify more than 10 days before the trip to Panama. Certificates should identify the animal identification to take race and current holder of the Nation of domicile. It should be noted that the animal is healthy and without parasites. Should also include a list of vaccines with class producer and the number of lots.
Tip: Oct. 15 percent is common in hostels and restaurants. Taxi drivers have no suggestions, but it is wise to reorganize the speed before the trip.
Smoking: Panama is now a Non smoking City. You can smoke outside when no one is there and is in your house that no one else is available.
Panama Travel

With perseverance with Panama Tocumen world of progress, Panama has tourism to an easy ride. With direct flights from any Miami, FL and Houston, TX, Panama is a little more than two hours away from the US .. The various nations with a number of European supply direct flights to Panama as the connection correctly Tourism in Panama with the rest of the world , US authorities can be very positive about the trip to Panama, what dangerous to a small part of the area of ​​the border with Colombia travel.

Whenever you are in Panama Metropolis (almost all international flights arriving in Panama Metropolis), is the first thing we will do purchase a tourist card. This 5 $ doc gives permission to travel to the country for up to 90 days. Once you allow the airport, there are many travel options to use: city buses, intercontinental, taxis, rental cars, planes and boats.

Bus Metropolis – buses colorful metropolis Panama are practically vacationers on site. This is the price type of transport and a cultural experience, attention-grabbing way. They are called Diablo Red, purple devils. Expected to be crowded and noisy.
Intercity buses – The nation has a well developed bus system like Greyhound system in the United States .. For $ 30 Panama Metropolis trip to San José, Costa Rica. If you do, you are more than fifty-five (with one (ID) to go for $ 24 This is a good method to the current big thing Panama to see. Moreover, the buses are typical types of transport distance Boquete the corresponding areas.
Taxis – Taxis members of the family are really remote US system, while yellow and may the horn to alert passengers receive attainable. Taxis have a very fair price and could even be rented by the hour or for travel to certain locations.
Car Rental – Many companies who share the same United States to serve in Panama with maximum efficiency. The cost will still be affordable leasing vehicles over the Web greatly exaggerated workplace. Driving behavior within the nation means that holidaymakers Panama careful when renting vehicles and consider purchasing insurance coverage.
Planes – The nation has won a regional service for tourism in Panama. Costs are cheap and repair connects major cities like David, Bocas del Toro, Colon and the Pearl Islands nation.
Boats – along the coast, there is little use of the boat for Panama tourism, but it is not widely used. The boats are not really useful for tourists from Panama to Colombia because of border security issues; possible only at the level between the two nations.
Panama curiosities

Panama is a country full of action. From Panama Metropolis with the ruins of the traditional metropolis, the jungle, the Panama Canal is a very fascinating movement. Across the nation, Carnival (near the top of the February), in a series of events and gala concerts sometimes traditional point of land. The nation is a fan of the baseball league in the country and even Panamanian Mariano Rivera in the major leagues to play. Football and basketball are video all the time, you can get to be loved and activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and tourism in Panama add charm to the athlete. If you are an avid anglers are really a Constitution to “catch bonito” Panama Pacific many global data and not been established in sport fishing. source http://www.visitpanama.com